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We offer scrap and trash removal services for local homeowners, businesses, and community organizations. Our team of dedicated waste management professionals is trained to handle your junk safely and efficiently. We will ensure that your property is cleaned to your satisfaction and safety for all residents or employees. We provide friendly junk removal services that will remove almost anything non-hazardous from moving & storage boxes, old furniture, renovation clean up, appliances removal, property cleanout, residential/commercial services, tree trimming and removals, old appliances and in short, all king of junk to yard waste and construction/renovation debris.


The following are some of the things we can haul away for you:

  • Residential and commercial services
  • Renovation junk clean up
  • Moving out Services
  • Garbage Removal
  • Garbage pick up services 
  • Tree Trimming and Removal
  • Old furniture removal
  • Appliances removal
  • Property clean out
  • All kinds of junk removal

Old Furniture Removal

If you’ve got furniture that you no longer want or need, getting it out of your home can be a challenge. Furniture can be heavy, awkward, and difficult to move. Using our furniture removal service makes it easy to get rid of your old furniture while saving you time and energy. Our junk removal team takes care of removing old, bulky, and heavy furniture for you with ease. We all know that getting old furniture out of your house is a huge hassle. Even if you do have a local waste removal service that will haul your unwanted furniture away, you still have to put in the hard work to get it to your curb. This hard work, which can be exceptionally difficult on your back, is both time-consuming and difficult to do on your own. You may also potentially damage your walls, floors, and door frames during this process, which is definitely something you want to avoid.

Waste Removal Services

We provide waste services to residential and commercial customers from restaurants to large-scale developments, we have the ability to manage the complete waste process and while following all regulatory requirements.

Moving Out Services

Moving can be very hectic and time-consuming. Let Junk Moving Care take care of all of your moving needs including clean up after moving. Our crew will help you move out. We care about your stuff and we cover you for any damage during move out.

Clean up & Garbage removal

Are you fed up with all the garbage and junk lying around your property? Or does the thought of taking care of the trash and bulky items after moving exhaust you? Relax and let us handle the job! Junk Moving Care is a family-run junk removal business, with the most massive amount of space in our vehicles for the lowest price. No matter what time it is, we are always at your service to collect unnecessary items, clean up your trash, dispose of your junk, and dump your garbage.

Garbage Pick up services

Overflowing garbage bins, maggots, flies, raccoons, and that smell. Unfortunately, it seems like the same problem, every week. Too much garbage and nowhere to put it. You can buy expensive city garbage bags and wait in long lines to take your extra garbage to the local dump. Or you can let garbage sit in your garage and Call or text us at 587 717 2503 and make your garbage problems disappear.

Appliances removal

If you’re planning to get rid of the old fridge or washing machine at home, you’re probably wondering how to dispose of it properly. Hire a home service pro to help remove appliances from your home. The team at Junk Moving Care is well trained and highly experienced in all aspects of appliance disposal services. If your major household appliance has served its purpose and you want it off your property without injuring or overexerting yourself, call or text us at 587 717 2503.

Property Clean Out

Over the years, many homeowners notice that scrap/trash collects in their garage, yard, basement, and other storage areas. For many, the task of sorting this scrap and transporting it from your home to a proper waste management facility is simply too much of a hassle to handle on their own and that’s where we come in.

Tree Trimming and Removal

We, will help you keep your landscape safe and beautiful. Our professionals will take care of your tree trimming and removal needs. Tree care services are performed by highly trained field crews to enhance the natural beauty of your trees and help to preserve their strength, stature, and seasonal character.

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